Economic Developer position available North Central MO Development Alliance. #econdev #job #missouri
Where is Economic Development going? Janet Ady’s wish list: #iamgeda #econdev
EDOs:Do you have position descriptions for each staff member detailing roles, responsibilities, metrics? #iamgeda
Why should EDOs bring their electric utility in upfront, especially for larger, energy intensive projects? #iamgeda
EDOs: Do you have the IT infrastructure to satisfy your anticipated needs for 2-3 years in the future? #iamgeda
Rural economic development often begins with #talent. #coop
Janet Ady to speak at Georgia Economic Developers Association @georgiaecdev Spring Workshop 2017 #IAMGEDA
Case study on rural economic development and #talent. #coop #econdev
Rural economic development often begins with #talent. #coop
RT @GSMPtweets: Keynote Speaker Shabaka Gibson, SVP @AdyAdvantage, getting started w/ address on natl trends in #talent/#workforce & #econd
IowaVoice: Iowa Seeks To Lead $250B Biochemical Industry With Country's First Tax Credit
Market Research for EDOs - Ady Advantage
Learn more about the Robert Ady Scholarship awarded to ED professionals from the Midwest.
Rural economic development often begins with #talent. #coop
Why is working in economic development a great career path? #econdev #career
What happens when relocating companies decide not to use a site selector?
Readiness and preparedness are indicators of a successful local EDO. #EDEcosystem #econdev
UniCarrier's employees aren’t afraid of robots because they know automation isn't taking their jobs. #manufacturing
Cargill Invests $111 Million in Nebraska – Nebraska Economic Development Services | NPPD #EconDev
Shabaka Gibson will share insider knowledge on talent and more at the 2017 Greater San Marcos Economic Outlook.
RT @PaulWagle: Janet Ady President & CEO of @AdyAdvantage speaks at Heartland #EcoDevo Course.
Hear from Ady Advantage's Shabaka Gibson at the 2017 Greater San Marcos Economic Outlook this week. Meet Shabaka:
EDOs: Do you know how many industrial sites and buildings are available in your area? #EDScorecard
To diversify vertically in defense, look at what areas of defense your local businesses are currently serving.
What is reverse site selection? #econdev
Case study on rural economic development and #talent. #coop #econdev
How does your region compare with others in the areas of workforce, business climate and financials? #EDScorecard
Uncover best practices of top performing regions and communities. @MidAmericaEDC #econdev
As I See It: The Value of a Strong Economic Development Ecosystem #EDEcosystem #AdyInsights
Utility partners are the unsung heroes in economic development #econdev #utilities
Could your EDO produce data on the positions your employers have the most difficulty filling? #EDScorecard
What should Local EDOs focus on within the Economic Development Ecosystem framework? #EDEcosystem #econdev
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Here are the 2016 graduates of the Heartland Economic Development Course. Who is next?
Rural economic development often begins with #talent. #coop
Learn how to face talent challenges: #econdev
Building Defense Economies Resilient to the Defense Industry.
What do local economic developers fear about losing when grouped in as part of a bigger region? #EDEcosystem
Voice of the customer (VOC) research is a process for capturing customers’ wants and needs on an ongoing basis.
How did two unique rural communities turn location challenges into a competitive advantage? @memberowned #coop
Local EDOs: No matter how much data can be found online, your local expertise is critical #EDEcosystem #econdev
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What are the factors that each local community has to deliver on? #EDEcosystem #econdev
Janet Ady presented at @MAEDC’s Competitiveness Conference & Site Selector Forum. #siteselection Learn more:
Why should EDOs look to supply chain changes to gain volume for their region's local suppliers?
Learn about implications for manufacturers that are considering relocating or expanding.
Why is “alignment” a powerful concept in economic development? #EDEcosystem #econdev
What must local EDOs deliver on within the #EDEcosystem? #econdev
Janet Ady's 5th time teaching at the Heartland ED Course earlier this week #econdev