Research is the bridge that gets you from where you are now to your new website or brand or marketing campaign.

Target Industry Analysis

What are your target industries? How do they make decisions? How can you optimally position your region to each? How can you best reach decision makers within each target industry with the most compelling message? These questions and more are addressed as part of our Target Industry Analysis.

Labor Force Analysis

Labor costs are usually among the largest operating costs, making labor considerations central to business decision making. What industries does your current labor force support? What skills does your workforce need to gain to meet the needs of emerging industries? We can measure gaps and help you develop strategies for addressing them. 

Competitive Assessment

Unlike other industries, with economic development, you cannot change your location. But you do have options in terms of what industries you pursue and how you position your location relative to your competitors. In fact, that decision may well be the one with the biggest impact on your region’s success.

Economic Development Strategic Plans

Every community and region is different, and that’s why our ED strategic plans are never cookie-cutter. We tailor them to your needs, whether that includes a target industry analysis, organizational gap analysis, development of an incentives policy, economic development growth strategies, or something else.


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