The way to compete in today’s economic development environment is by having better strategies. We provide you with a mix of standard and custom consulting services to get you there.

Mock Site Visits

How does your region stack up? Are your available sites and buildings up to par, or holding your back? How can your marketing approach be improved, whether it’s your website, trade show presence, or lead generation? Where are the gaps in your organizational capacity? Get a quick report card and action plan, completely tailored to your organization.   

Reverse Site Selection

Do you have a unique industrial property that is empty or planned for closure? We can help you market these types of properties by conducting a focused reverse site selection process to identify potential tenants/buyers and develop a campaign to reach them. Case Study: Oswego County


Headquarters Hunting

We worked with Greater Houston Partnership to narrow down the list of Fortune 500 companies to the 42 companies with the greatest likelihood of relocating to Houston. Let’s face it, the best recruitment team in the world can’t give enough attention to 500 prospects, but with 42 to focus on, it could. Learn how four major headquarters relocated to Houston as a result of our reverse site selection research focused on corporate headquarters.  Case Study: Greater Houston Partnership



Target Industries Review

So you’ve commissioned the big study, but it’s just not connecting? We’ve come in to reality check the target industries and strategies, and redirected our clients for much improved outcomes.

Website Audits

Your website is your #1 marketing tool. As the programming element becomes commoditized, it’s clearer than ever that navigation and content are your best differentiators. But how do you take in all the data about your region, organize it, and use it to communicate a compelling message about your region? We’ve audited and built over 150 economic development websites, and can provide an approach that is tailored specifically for your region.

Competitive Insights

What are the leading edge tools for talent, business development, and recruitment? How can you use these to provide insight into what your strategy should be? Whether it’s serving as part of a statewide roundtable, or doing some grassroots strategy-setting, save a place at the table for us.

Economic Development Strategic Plans

Every community and region is different, and that’s why our ED strategic plans are never cookie-cutter. We tailor them to your needs, whether that includes a target industry analysis, organizational gap analysis, development of an incentives policy,  economic development growth strategies, or something else.


How can we help you? Contact Janet Ady at [email protected] or call 608.663.9218.