The Voice of the Customer (VOC)

There’s a reason why “voice of the customer” is a common vernacular among business-to-business companies: because it works. Not sure where or how to grow? Your true north is listening to customers and prospects. And if you can do that in a measured, consistent way to benchmark this input over time, it makes the job of growing your business that much easier. We excel in conducting this type of customer research.

But we don’t stop there. We’ve conducted all sorts of custom market research for customers, from testing new products, logos, and packages via online surveys, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and even video demonstrations. We know how to harvest the insights gained from these exercises to craft strategies that will set you apart and on the path to growth.

As a result of defense industry cutbacks, Ady Advantage has assisted numerous defense industry suppliers diversify their businesses. While our approach is tailored to each specific client, it generally includes an evaluation of each company’s core competencies, desk research to identify industries that appear to value those competencies, and primary research with prospective customers in each industry to assess the potential fit. The deliverables include a prioritization of new vertical markets, go-to-market strategies, and a list of prospective clients.


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