Understanding the true benefits that a mission-driven organization delivers to its customers is usually the first step in the process of focus and growth.

Too often we see groups focusing on functional products and services and leaving out powerful emotional triggers that can help attract business owners to use their services. We help our clients “ladder up” by uncovering insights and translating those into actionable strategies for growth.

Here are some examples of the types of challenges we help manufacturing clients address:

  • Plant expansion/contractions:
    • Where should we locate additional facilities?
    • How can we best build distribution in new domestic and international markets?
    • What customer and economic trends will shape our future, and how will those trends impact how our plant should be laid out five or ten years from now?
  • Business development/market growth:
    • How can we add value to our product and service offering?
    • How can we best diversify our customer base?
    • What can we learn from existing customers to drive new product innovation?
    • How can we best enter a new vertical market?
  • Marketing and business strategy:
    • How can we shift from a product-oriented company to one that is market-oriented?
    • What is our true value and optimal competitive positioning, beyond cost, service, and quality?
    • How can we reposition ourselves and rebrand to better meet new opportunities?
    • How can a marketing plan help us allocate our limited resources wisely, helping us grow our existing customers while attracting new ones?
    • How can we use social media as a competitive advantage?



An agribusiness hired us to conduct a feasibility and implementation plan for moving beyond raw materials to finished goods. We conducted consumer, business, technical and financial research to develop a detailed, turnkey plan for this company that outlined:

  • Which products to make at first, and which products to sequence in over time
  • How to package, brand, and market the products
  • Where to locate the facility, how it should be laid out, and what equipment was required now and for future growth

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