Business Organizations with an Economic Development Focus

Falling somewhere in between the manufacturers and the economic development groups are hybrid organizations that we call “Business Advocacy Groups.” These are often chartered organizations that use a mix of public and private funds to achieve specific objectives for their regional or state economies.

With unique structures, a focused prospect base, and complex stories to tell, strategy, positioning and messaging are critical to the success of these organizations.

Examples include manufacturing extension partnerships (MEPs), industry-focused trade organizations or membership organizations, Certified Development Companies (CDCs), and others.

If your not-for-profit business advocacy group is facing any of the following challenges or questions, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

  • How do we increase membership or users of our services?
  • How do articulate our services to key prospects?
  • How do we position ourselves as the expert in the services we provide?
  • We are not like a ‘normal business’; we have a unique structure and purpose. How can we position ourselves succinctly?
  • We consider it part of our mission to enhance economic development. How can we tie into existing economic development networks?
  • How can we position ourselves as thought leaders among the various audiences that we serve?

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