Our team at Ady Advantage is your source for economic development growth and diversification, whether you are a state, region, utility, or local EDO. We know how to assess and diagnose whatever issues you are facing, and develop solutions that work, whether it involves training, a rigorous economic analysis and plan, or a fresh approach to marketing your area.

And if you are a company looking to grow, diversify, expand, or relocate, we can help you with a range of programs from site selection to related topics such as talent recruitment strategies and the effects of automation on your industry and company.


Site Selection.

Where and how you expand or contract your company’s geographic footprint is one of the most important decisions that your company will ever face. With access to numerous databases and proprietary techniques along with a bench strength that includes many projects across multiple sectors, Ady Advantage can identify locations, evaluate real estate options, and negotiate incentives on your behalf.

Economic Development.

We’ve helped over 400 economic development organizations (EDOs) tackle their most challenging and important issues. That gives us an extraordinary perspective and toolbox that allows Ady Advantage to help our ED clients create positive impacts and outcomes for their communities. Whether it’s training or a full-fledged economic development strategic plan, we can help lead the way.


Ady Advantage helps small and medium manufacturers grow and diversify their businesses by bringing an analysis-driven, market-based approach to opportunity identification and growth planning. Our strength is in industrial and B2B markets, where we bring market research, strategy, and marketing skills to bear.


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Ady Advantage brings excellent industry knowledge to your project. The Ady team provides excellent customer service and drives for results.
From Janet's insightful presentation, we were able to identify a gap in our marketing approach and have looked at more "regional" efforts in collaborating with surrounding counties.
Thank you for all the information you provided during the webinar. Your presentation helped me think of new ways we can improve our RFI submissions.