Agribusiness: An Important Sector for Economic Growth

Ady Advantage has worked for over 100 agribusiness clients, primarily for manufacturers and marketers, but also for producers, state departments of agriculture, and economic development organizations.

At Ady Advantage, we thrive on unique challenges and custom research, strategy, and marketing communications. The list below shows the range of projects we have conducted. Please contact us for more information on how we can help your organization with our agribusiness expertise.

What kind of services do we provide?

  • Market Opportunity Assessment: How big is the market? What are the market channels? Who are the key competitors? What are the best options for successful market entry?
  • Growth/Diversification: What new products or markets offer the best opportunities for growth? How do I enter new markets or develop new products?
  • Brand Positioning: What steps should I take to build a brand that customers will value?
  • Marketing Plan Development: Where and how do I market my products? How do I best allocate scarce resources to differentiate our brand and advance our strategies?
  • Logo and Label Development: How can we best utilize the precious on-package space to promote our brand and story, while still complying with the Food Labeling Modernization Act (FMLA)?
  • Food Packaging Options: How can I package my product to cost-effectively differentiate our offerings?
  • Development of Effective Merchandising: What kinds of point-of-sale displays, merchandising, display shipper designs, etc., would be effective for my product?
  • Trade Research: What trends and demands do I need to address to be successful?
  • Focus Groups and Consumer Research: How can I improve my product, its packaging, and labeling before scaling up production?


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