During tough economic times, the agribusiness industry tends to be countercyclical – i.e., people still need to eat. During good economic times, guess what? People still need to eat. And it’s one of the few industries that is not very susceptible to imports.

Agribusiness is one of those industries that chugs along in the background of many regional economies. Some EDOs are taking time during this economic recovery to build (or rebuild) their agribusinesses to help strengthen their economies going forward. This is an area where Ady Voltedge is an inch wide and a mile deep. We work with EDOs as well as agribusinesses looking to expand or relocate.

Consider the following projects that Ady Voltedge is currently working on:

  • Creating a strategic plan to rebuild an agribusiness infrastructure for a nine-county region
  • Integrating “buy local” initiatives, kitchen incubators, farmers markets/green markets to help spur start-up food businesses
  • Determining the best path for a family farm to add value products to its operation – including product mix, pricing, branding, distribution, and plant layout.

As I see it, the future is bright for agribusiness in America. Taking a look at the often overlooked opportunities might provide your region with an economic engine to help stabilize your economy in both good times and bad.

For more information on Ady’s experience in value-added ag, read the case study on the Dairy Business Innovation Center. And then, contact Janet Ady at [email protected] to find out how Ady can help you.