7 scintillating insights

The Mid-America Economic Development Council just held its annual Competitiveness and Site Selector Conference in Chicago. This is always one of the highlights of the year, and if you weren’t able to attend, let me share with you the Seven Scintillating Insights from the Site Selectors in attendance:

  1. Corporate headquarters are always a cost loser.
  2. Business retention and expansion has to start with the voice of the customer.
  3. IT and manufacturing are converging.
  4. The drivers of clean power are technology companies.
  5. Elected officials should work for the Economic Development team when it comes to recruiting prospects.
  6. None of the solutions for talent + incentives are politically easy.
  7. A lot of companies would rather have employees and candidates with a stack of badges (credentials) than broad degrees.

Keep these nuggets of wisdom in mind as you plan for how to differentiate your region in 2016. And if you need help applying these insights to your region, give Janet Ady a call at 608-663-9218.

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