Branding and Marketing.

Results-Driven Experience: Marketing Communication Services.

Most business-to-business manufacturers are sales and operations driven. Marketing is rarely one of their strong suits. Yet what we call “Big M” Marketing – including strategy, product development and integrated communications – can play a critical role in generating top-line growth while maintaining – or even increasing – margins.

A brand is more than a shiny new logo.

Asset Mapping/Competitive Positioning.

In order to get beyond basic quality, service and price positioning, we use a number of tools and research methodologies to determine your ideal competitive positioning. This can then be used to promote your core competencies – not just product-related but company-related – to win new business.

Marketing Plans.

Whether you have a “marketing plan” right now, you essentially do because you are likely spending money on trade show booths, samples, travel to prospects, and attendance at trade shows and conferences. We help organize exactly what you should be doing, given your goals and resources, so that you are making the most of your marketing investments.


Your website is often the #1 way that prospects find you. Are you doing everything you should be to attract the right customers, from responsive website design to appropriate content and inbound marketing activities? We can help provide a turnkey solution to enhance your website presence.

Lead Generation and Sales Tools.

After we identify market opportunities and competitive positioning, we can help identify industries and even companies to target. For some higher value-added product offerings, we can implement lead generation campaigns.

Tradeshow Marketing.

Whether you need a refresh or a new tradeshow presence, we can provide a turnkey solution including electronic displays, booth design, collateral, and appointment setting to make the most of your exhibit dollar.


We work to articulate your brand both for customers and, increasingly, for employee retention, recruitment, and engagement.  This involves gathering input from numerous stakeholders and crafting a brand positioning statement and brand narrative, and then developing graphic standards to consistently support how your brand is communicated.

Marketing Collateral.

Once you have your competitive positioning, brand and marketing plan, you likely will need some materials to help tell your story to target audiences. From standard brochures to pieces focused on target industries, we have the mix of creative, writing, and technical skills to develop powerful pieces.

Marketing Campaigns.

When you’re set on your positioning, brand and marketing plan, marketing campaigns will help drive awareness and interest in your company and its offering. Whether electronic, physical, or a combination, we have the track record to develop something that to reach your targets and stand out.

Direct Marketing.

Whether electronic, physical or both, we have the creative and marketing chops to build a successful campaign for your company.



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