Strategic Consulting.

Growth Decisions Require Global Thinking.

The economy is changing. Businesses’ growth decisions are global, not local. Talent is more mobile than ever. Without a strategic plan, you cannot effectively compete over time. Ady Advantage understands how businesses make location decisions. This means we have the first-hand knowledge to assist clients with economic development strategy that is grounded in real-world business drivers and crafted with an eye toward implementation. We assist economic development organizations in planning for the future, refining their recruitment efforts and understanding their competition and translating that strategy to targeted communications and marketing.

The way to compete in today’s economic development environment is by having better strategies. We provide you with a mix of standard and custom consulting services to get you there.

Strategic Planning.

One of the biggest indicators of a community’s or region’s economic development success is the existence of an economic development strategic plan. At Ady Advantage, we have helped dozens of EDOs with detailed plans. We provide a flexible approach based on a mix-and-match set of tools that we use to map your economic assets (where you’re at), articulate your vision (where you want to go), identify the gaps (what’s between where you’re at and where you want to go), and develop the plan (the roadmap on how to get to where you want to go).

RFI Best Practices.

Do you wonder why you are not closing more projects? It might be that you are being eliminated because of your RFI response. Our team has conducted RFI audits for numerous state and regional groups and can help you improve the capacity of your own organization’s response or those of all the EDOs in your region or state. Learn specific tips, tricks, and best practices to enhance your likelihood of not being eliminated.

Incentive Policy.

If your resources were limitless, you wouldn’t need an investment policy, but of course, they are limited. We will lead you through a process to identify the specific types of projects that your community should be most aggressive in pursuing – and those you should not pursue. We include a number of scenarios tailored to available incentives in your specific community, help you draft your formal Incentives Policy, and provide you with a model for assessing incentives impact for future projects.

Talent Strategies.

Are your employers having trouble recruiting and retaining talent?  We’ve developed the Ady Advantage Talent Strategies Platform that explains the talent strategy development process, provides data and tools for completing the process and includes a library of dozens of talent strategies currently in use by other regions and communities. Our Talent Platform jump-starts the development of a customized talent strategy plan designed uniquely for your region.

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Brownfield Redevelopment/Facility Reuse.

Increasingly, communities and utilities are looking to identify the best and highest use for an existing facility or brownfield site. Ady Advantage has successfully led the reverse site selection process for numerous unique properties. We can provide turnkey solutions, from technical assessments of the site and property readiness through target industry identification, master planning, and company recruitment, leveraging our perspective as site selection consultants.

Community Readiness Assessment.

If a prospect were to come to your community tomorrow, would you be able to secure the project? Learn what site selectors look for each step of the way during a community visit, from community readiness through the readiness of specific sites and buildings, and the community response. This is a great way to educate stakeholders on their role in the process, and critical success factors.



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