Our Publications.

Part of the Ady Mission is Education.

We feel it is part of our role as economic development and marketing professionals to share our knowledge and help others stay abreast of changes in the marketplace and updated on trends. But we take it a step further by sharing insight as to how to best USE the information based on our experience and examples.

Create a unique path forward with the Ady Advantage Toolbox Solutions.

The Rural Economic Development Toolbox.

ruraltoolboxcoverWe were inspired to write The Rural Economic Development Toolbox  after teaching a number of private classes on the topic. ED professionals serving in rural areas lacked many resources focused on the unique challenges they faced. We then presented a workshop during the National Rural Economic Development Association conference, and the rest, as they say, is history.

This workbook showcases 12 EDOs that have crafted effective economic development strategies based on their unique economic assets and describes the process of applying this approach to your own community or region. While you may not be able to duplicate these solutions exactly, it is likely that you will come away with ideas and insights that you can apply to your own community or region. And that’s the point.

Other Publications.

In addition to our workbooks and our popular “As I See It” blog series for economic development professionals and manufacturers, bi-weekly newsletter and social media presence on Twitter and LinkedIn, we also periodically publish checklists and whitepapers.

The Talent Toolbox for Economic Developers.

talenttoolboxcoverWhen it comes to attracting new business to your area, talent matters. What your community or region does – or doesn’t do – to craft its own talent strategy may be the single biggest determinant of your success over the next generation. It has major implications on whether your community or region will be competitive.

This book was created to share stories from others who faced the challenge of strengthening their talent base. Our goal is to provide you with some fresh ideas and inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to talent challenges in your region or organization. We call it a “toolbox” because it’s meant to give you practical ideas and insights you can use to create real, meaningful change.