Strategic Consulting.

Why Use a Professional Site Selector?

  • Choosing a new location for your business is high-risk. A wrong decision can be detrimental or fatal to your company.
  • Most companies do not have the team of experts or the available time to do a thorough job in addition to their “day” jobs.
  • The site selection and incentives worlds are changing rapidly. Worse, the increasing amount of data available can be overwhelming. It’s the experience of site selectors that helps weed through the data to find the information, to anticipate flaws before they become fatal, and to help you navigate through the process.

How can your company benefit from our Site Selection Services?

Because the wrong decision can set a company back for a long time, or even threaten its existence, those that use site selection firms are at a distinct advantage to those who do not.

We Focus on the Key Location Advisory Analytics and Incentives Negotiations.

  • Objective setting. Why does your company want to move? What outcomes do you want to see as a result of the move, and how will these be measured? What is your timeframe?
  • Initial screening. What parts of the country, states, and/or regions make sense based on initial screening factors? These usually include a mix of operating conditions, operating costs, and quality of life factors.
  • Short List Development. Deeper dive into available sites and buildings, utilities, etc. and developing a detailed costing model for comparison.
  • Finalists and Negotiations. Which communities and sites are the best fit with your company’s location objectives? Which sites are the best fit culturally? Which incentives are available and how do these affect one-time and ongoing operating costs?

Why Use Ady Advantage?

  • We offer conflict-free advice and are fee-based, not commission-based.
  • Often, the money we save you by the incentives we negotiate on your behalf partially or completely offsets our fees.
  • We bring a deep bench of site selection talent to every project.

Key Drivers and Trends We’re Seeing.

  • Access to talent. This factor drives headquarters and other office projects, R&D /high tech projects, and labor-intensive manufacturing projects; increasingly, it is an important driver for all projects.
  • Access to markets. Perhaps you want to enter the US market, or expand within the US market. With foreign policy in play, we are seeing an increased interest in new-shoring and re-shoring projects in the U.S.  This factor is obviously a major consideration for transportation and logistics projects, as well as manufacturing projects.
  • Access to unique infrastructure. Do you need large amounts of water or wastewater treatment for your operations? A deep water port? Access to raw materials or minerals? Multiple Class I railroad lines? We can help identify and assess potential locations meeting whatever your infrastructure needs may be.
  • Access to supply chains. Many manufacturers and support operations are diversifying their customer base, which can result in new OEM prospects. We can help companies identify locations to help leverage these customer relationships.



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