Do you know:

  • What your customers truly think of you?
  • How they rate you relative to your competitors?
  • What their needs are and which of these needs may be unmet?
  • What the main drivers for their purchasing decisions are?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, it may be because you have not conducted a formal voice of the customer (VOC) study in quite some time…or ever.

Manufacturers should be constantly considering new ways to grow their business, and many do not realize that the solution may be sitting right in front of them. If you are ever uncertain about where to invest, what machinery to buy, which markets to enter, and/or which functions to grow, the answers can usually be found by listening to your current, former, and/or prospective customers through voice of the customer (VOC) research.

VOC research is a process for capturing customers’ wants and needs on an ongoing basis. This research should be conducted in a way which it is repeatable and responses can be benchmarked over time, as customer needs change. Questions focus specifically on what you need to know to grow your business. Some companies choose to conduct this research in-house; however, we have found that by having a third party conduct your VOC research, you are able to illicit more authentic and candid responses.

Ady Advantage has conducted a broad range of VOC market research for customers, including face-to-face interviews, phone interviews, online surveys and focus groups. We tailor our specific approach to meet the characteristics of your customers and your goals.  We know how to harvest the insights gained from these exercises to craft strategies that will set you apart and on the path to growth.

If you want assistance in getting inside the heads of your customers, contact Ady Advantage at (608)663-9218 to discuss how we can help!

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