Creating Your Region’s Economic Future

“What industries, companies, and people place the greatest value on our region’s particular mix of economic assets?”

Answering this question lies at the heart of economic development. If you can answer it, you can determine how to position your community or region, how to target your economic development efforts, and – for the advanced practitioners – how to create your region’s economic future.

But simply knowing the answer is not enough. Understanding how to translate this into competitive positioning, develop target industries, and create messaging that will cut through the clutter is Ady Advantage’s sweet spot.


If your EDO is facing any of the following challenges, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

  • We need to understand how “ready” our sites and buildings are, and what else we can do to use readiness as a competitive advantage
  • Our region needs a coordinated message
  • We have a unique industrial building that is empty – see Case Study: Oswego
  • We need to market our region
  • We need a vision and plan for our community or region
  • We need to figure out how best to allocate our marketing resources
  • We need strategies to encourage existing businesses to expand and/or stay
  • We want to understand how the site selection process works, and how that affects what messages and tactics we use to reach this audience
  • We need a speaker for our conference, someone who understands economic development and can help engage our local ED professionals, stakeholders, and elected officials  
  • We need help structuring a familiarization tour
  • I need to stay current on economic development trends that impact our region so that I can bring new ideas to our organization

We’ve worked with hundreds of economic development organizations, and as many as we’ve worked with, we still find each one to be unique. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you turn your challenges into selling points for your region. To find out how we can help you, contact Janet Ady at [email protected] or call 608.663.9218.

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